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Welcome to the Gulf Coast Financial Advisor's Podcast Network! 

Coasting in Retirement:

Coasting in Retirement is dedicated to the financial planning and investment management needs of pre-retirees and retirees living an active lifestyle along our part of the Gulf Coast. Host Josh Null and co-host Michelle Melton dive into relevant financial topics, plus have a little fun with the "Michelle with the News of the Week" and "Josh's Crystal Ball & Big Mouth" segments. Josh's practice Gulf Coast Financial Advisors serves clients in the Panhandle of Florida, Lower Alabama, and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. You can hear the original broadcast of Coasting in Retirement every Sunday from Noon to 1 PM CT on 106.5 FM in Mobile, Alabama.

Every Dollar Counts with Josh & Jay:

Dedicated to those interested in planning for their future and wanting to learn more about how investments and insurance really work. Join co-hosts Josh Null & Jay Stubbs every week as they break down products and services in an easy going and educational manner! 

Wealth in Waves:

Josh Null & Will Steih co-host Wealth in Waves, a limited-series podcast featuring advanced planning concepts for mature business owners along the Gulf Coast. Topics include investment management, financial planning and tax planning. 

Episode 61: RIAs, IMOs, BGAs: What Financial Advisors Need to Know  Thumbnail

Episode 61: RIAs, IMOs, BGAs: What Financial Advisors Need to Know

Josh Null and Jay Stubbs explore the complex world of financial services acronyms. Starting with an overview of their roles and backgrounds, they explain the various organizations and terms that industry professionals encounter.

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Episode 59: Making the Leap to Being an Independent Financial Advisor  Thumbnail

Episode 59: Making the Leap to Being an Independent Financial Advisor

osh and Jay dive deep into what it truly means to be an independent financial advisor. They discuss the pros and cons, highlighting the flexibility and comprehensive service offerings that come with independence. They also touch on the challenges of establishing a credible brand and building a supportive team around the advisor.

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Episode 58: Re-Launch! Thumbnail

Episode 58: Re-Launch!

In this episode of Every Dollar Counts, hosts Josh Null and Jay Stubbs mark the podcast's return after a nearly two-year hiatus. They catch up on significant career changes: Jay is now an agency owner with Providence Benefits, and Josh has launched his own investment advisory firm, Gulf Coast Financial Advisors. The hosts announce a shift in the podcast's target audience to semi-independent, independent, captive agents, producers, and advisors.

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