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Business Owner Center: 

Your Guide to Executive Level Planning Concepts

In our Business Owner Center, you will find information on concepts that successful business owners and professionals can use to: 

  • Provide additional tax deferral options to reduce year to year income taxes 
  • Provide higher contribution limits to supplement qualified retirement plans 
  • Build a retirement income base that more closely matches a high income in producing years
  • Properly fund a Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Structure a Succession Plan and provide a runway to exiting the business
  • Provide a controlled financial incentive to keep key employees loyal to the organization 
  • Structure protection against the loss of employees crucial to the success of the business 

Business Owner Need:


Providing funding to a structured Buy-Sell agreement that passes the business on to a partner or key employee. Buy / Sell Agreement Funding:

Business owner has a need for retirement savings above their 401k profit sharing limit.Cash Balance Plans:

Business owner wants to incentivize loyalty from their business's key producers.Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation: 

(Coming Soon): Business owner desires to allow employees an ownership stake as part of a succession plan. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP):