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Join the Gulf Coast Financial Advisor's Team!

We are growing along the Gulf Coast! 

We're actively looking for financial advisors looking for independence and ownership, or to grow a book they own, or for those advisors that are winding down their career and looking for a succession plan!

Our organization is focused on the needs of folks living an active lifestyle along the Gulf Coast, including the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. 

Advisors looking to grow: Build a practice for yourself, but not by yourself. 

We are looking for financial advisors with at least 3 years of experience in financial services that either desire to own their book and have independence, or enhance the growth of their existing book, but not be stuck in a "lone ranger" setting. Our motto is "Build a practice for yourself, but not by yourself". Advisors would need to have, or be willing to pursue, their Series 65/66 and/or CFP designation. We do have a limited BD relationship available for legacy business, but due to the nature of our marketing, and industry trends in general, partnering advisors should plan on moving towards fee-based, with fixed insurance products - as part of a comprehensive financial plan - being the only time a commission would come into play.

Advisors looking for a Successor Relationship and a runway to retirement: 

It's well known that the Financial Advisory industry is aging, with the average age of advisors in the mid-to-late 50's. Now, being in your late 50's or older doesn't mean you're ready to be put out to pasture. The bigger issue facing advisors that are transitioning to retirement is the lack of younger advisors to fill their shoes, and the gap in technological capabilities between the generations. 

Gulf Coast Financial Advisors addresses both of these concerns. We are young enough to have many producing years ahead of us, while old enough to not be "wet behind the ears" and a danger to client retention during the transition period. Plus, and just as importantly, we have fully embraced technology, from the platforms we use, the methods we onboard and service clients, how we communicate with prospects and clients, and how we leverage our online presence and social media to be relevant in 2020 and beyond so that your clients will feel part of a professional and engaged organization.

What our RIA brings to the table: 

Gulf Coast Financial Advisors is part of the Prime Capital Investment Advisor's (PCIA) network of independent financial advisors. PCIA is a fiduciary-ready, hybrid-RIA with offices nationwide and over 100 financial advisors. PCIA has an established qualified plan division called Qualified Plan Advisors. There is also a financial wellness division called Financial Fitness for Life

Prime Capital Investment Advisors offers advisors the ability to maintain control of their practice while leveraging advisor mentoring teams, back office administration, compliance, business operations support and a deep bench of experts (ERISA Attorneys, CFA’s, Compliance) that enables advisors to scale their business, increase revenues and work their way up-market. PCIA also offers an Investment Committee with branded investment portfolio options. 

The value of the Gulf Coast Financial Advisors brand.

While Prime Capital Investment Advisors provides the back office support, Gulf Coast Financial Advisors serves as the marketing apparatus for your prospecting and marketing efforts and public branding. Our core branding belief is that it's hard to do business with an advisor if the interested prospect can't find them, so we put maximum effort into being located where prospects are looking, when they are looking, and how they are looking. 

We have focused our marketing and branding efforts on what we believe works in 2020 and beyond: digital / content marketing, targeted email distributions, social media, and an attractive and robust website. If you are interested in producing your own content, we will work with you to become comfortable producing videos, audio content and written blogs, among other efforts aimed at building your brand awareness and engagement. 

We can help you build your presence on all major social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (Twitter is next in the development line). We also have experience with podcasting through our Every Dollar Counts podcast, and can help you develop your own podcast as part of the Gulf Coast Financial Advisor's podcast network. We have two YouTube channels and can show you how to plan, record and edit video, audio and written content, often by re-purposing the same piece of material to save time and money. 

In other words, if you would like to leave behind the days of relying solely on cold-calling, walk-n-talks and networking to build your book, we can help. We aren't looking for your "Hot 100" prospect list or to ask you to harass your family and friends into doing business with you. What we can do is help you develop your inbound marketing strategy to complement your outbound efforts. We will incorporate your individual brand into our marketing processes, and coupled with your own prospecting and networking efforts, the result should be an increase in opportunities and quality of prospects. 

The Process: 

Often, moving to independence means figuring out many things on your own. Wouldn't you rather avoid having to re-invent the wheel and focus on what produces revenue? We have an established process to make this transition as smooth as possible: 

The Tech Stack: 

These are the programs that are available under our modest monthly technology fee: 

  • Morningstar
  • Salesforce
  • Unified Communicator (VOIP Phone Service)
  • LaserApp Software
  • NetDocuments (Imaging/Filing System)
  • Email/Internet
  • Smarsh (secure email)
  • Repertoire
  • Black Diamond
  • ComplySci

There are also eMoney and Money Guide Pro subscriptions available. We are a dynamic and growing organization - if something you need is not on this list, let's talk! 

The advisor world is changing rapidly. You may think you are at least running in place, but you are probably falling behind without realizing it. Take action to change that. 

Send us a 100% confidential message to start the conversation. Remember - we too emerged from situations that required due diligence and discretion, so any conversation stays between us. You have our word. 

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