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The Top 5 Things On The Mind of Gulf Coast Area Business Owners Thumbnail

The Top 5 Things On The Mind of Gulf Coast Area Business Owners

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Lions & Tigers & Bears, oh my! If the global pandemic wasn’t enough, Gulf Coast area business owners have also had to deal with multiple hurricanes recently!! Living along the Gulf Coast presents unique challenges and rewards for business owners. In the episode, Josh and Jay give their respective Top 5 lists for what area business owners are thinking about right now. Tune in to hear their thoughts on Hurricane Sally, what to do with employees, taxes, tech, incomes, cash flow, and reserves, and of course…Covid’s continued impact on our local business community. What does Josh think the number one issue facing Gulf Coast business owners? Does it match Jay’s Number 1? Tune in to find out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Businesses that have been able to adapt using technology will be better prepared for a potential 2nd wave of Covid. Those not ready better get prepared now
  • Covid has accelerated the importance of online platforms, remote connectivity and being able to provide your products and services remotely. These factors also play into the question of “should I bring my employees back into the office?”. 
  • The question is “Should I invest in my employees now?” comes down to how competitive is your workforce environment? If you have to compete for employees, the demand for skilled labor is increasing and you need to have high quality benefits and technology to both attract and retain a high quality employee base. 
  • How long will the impact of Hurricane Sally affect my business? A difference of a few miles along the Gulf Coast can make all the difference in what a local business owner is facing right now. Some are back up and running, some along the beaches are still cleaning up. 
  • A clearly focused, transparent government with business friendly taxes and legislation is a key factor in the success of our local business owners. Should you invest in your business right now? There may be windows of opportunity open up that haven’t been present for many years. Now may the time to act.   

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