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Legal Ways to Defer Income Taxes Thumbnail

Legal Ways to Defer Income Taxes

In this episode, hosts Will Steih and Josh Null of Gulf Coast Financial Advisors discuss legal ways for business owners to defer income taxes, including 401k plans and SEP IRAs. This discussion includes a roadmap on how to set these plans up, particularly with the new SECURE Act deadlines, as well as practical tips on how to determine which plan may be the best fit for the business owner’s situation. Lastly, for those business owners with an appetite for retirement savings above the traditional qualified plan limits, Josh and Will discuss tax deferral options using a type of defined benefit plan, the Cash Balance Plan.

If you would like to continue the conversation with Josh and Will, make an appointment on our website at https://gulfcoastfa.com/, or feel free to call 251-327-2124 or email jnull@gulfcoastfa.com.