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Biz Owners: 5 Things to do by Year End Thumbnail

Biz Owners: 5 Things to do by Year End

Josh Null and Will Steih jump back into the Deep Fried podcast studio to provide some timely financial topics and tax deferral concepts for our listeners as we enter the 4th quarter. Join the hosts as they discuss the timing of claiming income, what to do if you’ve had a profitable year (especially if it’s been an exceptionally profitable year), how to leverage an existing 401k for tax deferral options, and strategies for tax deferral contributions above and beyond your standard 401k limits. The hosts also discuss the timing of implementing a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401k, and how the SECURE Act has provided additional flexibility, and last, but not least, in a historically tight labor market - is it time to offer additional benefits (Deferred Comp, Stock Purchase Plan, etc) to attract and retain talent? 

You can find our previous podcast episodes by visiting https://gulfcoastfa.com/podcast . If you would like to continue the conversation with Josh and Will, make an appointment on our website at https://gulfcoastfa.com/, or feel free to call 251-327-2124 or email jnull@gulfcoastfa.com.