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Why diversification is important when investing during a crisis Thumbnail

Why diversification is important when investing during a crisis

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Welcome to the "Leadership in a Time of Crisis" series, where Josh & Jay have a series of conversations with the executive leadership of Prime Capital Investment Advisors, the independent RIA where Josh holds his Series 65 securities license. Tune in to hear behind the scenes details about how a large independent investment company navigated the most volatile month in market history while also dealing with pivoting quickly to staff and advisors having to start working remotely. It's a fascinating story about how Prime Capital moved quickly to provide high-level attention and communication to its advisors & clients during a time of unprecedented upheaval.

In this episode, Josh & Jay welcome Chris Bouffard, the Managing Director of Wealth Management for Prime Capital Investment Advisors. Chris is a key member on Prime Capital's Advisory Committee, a team that works w/ individual advisors like Josh to manage the investments portfolios of our clients & the thousands of other clients in Prime Capital's independent advisor network. Learn how the Advisory Committee uses math, methods, systems, research, collaboration and common sense to construct investment portfolios to match investor's time horizon, risk tolerance & goals, and how that played a critical role in portfolio resiliency during the crisis.

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