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What is your mission? The foundation of our practice is the education and enlightenment of our clients so that they understand what is happening with their money, and why. Whether we are helping a young family start out, or a retiree celebrate the gift of a long life, we serve as a watchdog to protect and preserve what our clients have built, or are trying to build. 

What sets your business apart? Competent, knowledgeable and relentless focus on risk management and efficiencies of fees and expenses within a financial plan, while accounting for the fact that we are all human with human emotions. People hire us because relationships matter. Being fully independent also sets us apart because we only answer to one boss: the client.  

How do you make sure clients get the best service/results? At the end of the day, people want their financial plan to work as advertised. Period. So for us it’s about the continual sharpening of proven strategies — marrying common sense money management processes with downside protections and never, ever forgetting the goals of the client.    

What contributes to your success? The hard-earned lessons from my own personal financial mistakes and successes. Just like many of my clients, we’ve had to scratch and claw and sacrifice to get where we are, and I think that resonates. Having learned real-life financial lessons, not just something out of a textbook, means I can honestly offer judgement- free, experienced, no-pressure financial 

guidance. For me, it’s more than just operating in “best interests.” It’s about always being on the lookout out for my clients. 

How has your business grown or changed and where are you going from here? We continue to expand, grow and learn, and we are not afraid of change. To stay relevant and productive in our industry, you must always be learning and you must always be on your toes. We will never rest on our laurels. And no matter how much our practice grows, we will always focus on making sure our clients know the score as well.