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SEO: Why it matters to building your brand Thumbnail

SEO: Why it matters to building your brand

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Covid has struck, so Josh & Jay pivot to the “Building your Brand in a Time of Crisis” series, where they bring local business owners & entrepreneurs into the studios of Deep Fried to discuss specific, actionable tips and ideas to help other business people & professionals navigate the Covid crisis, especially as it relates to using technology and online platforms to stay in communication with clients and potential clients to strengthen their brand when we finally emerge from our current situation.

In this episode, Josh & Jay welcome Marcus Neto, the founder of Blue Fish and host of The Mobile Alabama Business Podcast. Blue Fish is a marketing and advertising agency based in Mobile, AL that helps businesses overcome obscurity by using data-driven strategies to build personal & business brands. Blue Fish can create custom websites, or unique social media marketing campaigns, combined with SEO strategies to make a business “pop” and separate from their competition. Marcus provides specific steps for entrepreneurs & business owners to take during this crisis that will drastically increase their exposure and keep their brand alive, while positioning themselves to come out of this situation viewed as an expert in their field and great momentum!

Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in advertising & marketing is counter-intuitive to the overall market: be aggressive whenever your competition is scaling back and you will increase your market share. 
  • You don’t have to be a huge corporation to use a adverting firm like Blue Fish – they can work with budgets all of a sizes and the “bang for the buck” is tremendous because of the power of content marketing, social media and SEO. 
  • Any business of any size has to have a dedicated budget for marketing. Times like these are when the marketing, advertising & communications must be a priority. 
  • It takes an effective advertising campaign after launch to make sales flourish. 
  • Utilizing metrics & tracking can greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing

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