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Tax Favored Strategies: How you can keep more of YOUR hard-earned dollars in YOUR pocket:

You don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them. While it’s hard to imagine anyone intentionally paying too much in taxes, the IRS estimates that more than one billion dollars is overpaid in taxes each year. This is particularly true of business owners, many of which are not aware of the options they have. That’s no surprise when tax laws change every year—even in years when no major tax legislation is enacted.

How much of that money is yours? Wouldn’t you rather see those funds in your bank account or put aside for your retirement or other financial goals? 

The goal is to keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket. 

While we don't provide personal income tax preparation, we use financial planning tools to help identify any tax-saving approaches that apply to your situation. We also have local CPA strategic partners if you haven't already assembled your team. 

Do you want to learn more about methods that put more of your revenue to work for your benefit?

Your profits as a business owner are allocated to certain segments, such as retirement accounts, taxes and profit sharing. Here are some ideas to increase the percentage of that profit that goes to work for you:

  • Restructuring your investment portfolio 
  • Layering an extra level of savings on top of an existing 401(k) plan
  • Using the current tax law to your benefit
  • Maximizing qualified plan and IRA contributions
  • Identifying all the deductions that apply to your small business

If you’re like most people, your taxes represent one of your largest annual expenses, yet often little or no planning is done to maximize the productivity of your cash flow. Strategic financial planning can free up money that you can use to achieve your goals. 

Gulf Coast Financial Advisors and Prime Capital Investment Advisors are not tax professionals and do not provide tax advice. Please consult a tax professional before implementing any tax or investment strategies. 

Do you feel like your cash flow goes out the door without contributing to your long term goals? There is a Better Way. Discover how much more money you could be keeping for yourself and your future. Fill out the "Learn How to Maximize Your Cash Flow" section for a no-cost review of your prior two years’ tax returns.

Can I layer features on top of my 401(k) that helps with 

my tax burden & enhances my retirement savings? Learn more: